Code Golf


Start 02 Jan 2017 - 10:00 am
End 15 Jan 2017 - 11:55 pm

Improve your coding skills!


About Code Golf

Welcome to the Venturesity Code Golf Contest! It is a bi-monthly challenge designed to sharpen up your coding skills! Everyone from the novice programmer to the experienced developer is welcome to participate.

This is NOT your normal programming contest. The idea is to write the smallest program (according to character count) that generates the correct output.
To receive the problem statement, go to There, you will be able to access the problem statement. Alternately, register for this challenge and the link to the problem statement will appear on your dashboard. You will have a choice of programming languages in which to code. The choice is entirely up to you! (But obviously, you wouldn't want to program in a language like Java for such a contest, would you?)

Once you gain access to the code evaluator, you will be able to see the problem statement and your submission. Your submissions will be tested against several test cases. You will be able to see whether your program passes these cases or not. There is a score for passing each test case. You will also be able to see the leaderboard that shows the current leader. Beat the leader and get on top of the leaderboard! You will be allowed to make multiple submissions.

This installment of the contest kicks off from Monday, January 2nd and ends on Sunday, January 15th at 11:55 p.m.

There will be a prize for the smallest correct program.

Note: Plagiarism and hard coding outputs are forbidden. Each submission will be verified for authenticity before giving out the prize. In the case of a tie in scores, the winner will be chosen by time taken for code execution. Judges' decisions are final.

The same person cannot win 3 contests in a row. This is to encourage other people to participate.

How it works ?


Click on the apply button and fill in your details.


Keep your schedule free during the challenge


Work on the problem statement at your leisure


Submit your solution on our code evaluator


Get on top of the Leaderboard


The top submission wins exciting prizes!


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As long as you are human and meet the criteria for the challenge, we encourage you to participate.
Solve it from the comfort of your own home sweet home.
Rajinikanth says, “A lion always comes alone.” So be the Lion. :P
No. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.
We are always willing to help. Just drop a line to
Submissions should reach us before 11:55 P.M. Dec 17th.
Drop us a line at and we will answer promptly.