vSwift-Bangalore Learnup


Start 21 Jan 2017 - 11:00 am
End 21 Jan 2017 - 01:00 pm

Explaining the importance of using Structs in Swift


About vSwift-Bangalore Learnup

Three big selling points of Swift are its safety, speed and simplicity. Safety implies that it’s difficult to accidentally write code that runs amok, corrupting memory and producing hard-to-find bugs. Swift makes your work safer because it tries to make it obvious when you have a bug by showing you problems at compile time, rather than hanging you out to dry at runtime. Moreover, because Swift lets you clearly express your intent, the optimizer can go to town to help your code run lightning fast. The Swift language core is simple and highly-regularized, also it is a static programming language. And it gives more importance to it's immutable nature. Swift Core Developers encouraging developers to use Structs more often than Classes, because Swift Structs ensures immutable nature by default.

Topics to be covered in the Learn-up

  • Introduction to Swift Structs
  • Value Types
  • Creating a Swift Matrix using Swift Structs
  • Using Subscript in Swift
  • Swift Struct, Immutable semantics
  • Generics and Swift Structs
  • Using Protocols with Generics and Swift Structs

This is a meet up exclusively for Swift Fanatics and Apple App Developers, those who develops apps for tvOS, macOS, watchOS and iOS can participate in this meet up. Also if you have a different background, it is not too late to learn something new. Please come and join with us, we will help you to become an awesome app developer, we will share you the best resources.

Speakers :

  • Alvin Varghese
    IOS Engineer, NFNLabs.
    Alvin Varghese is an iOS & macOS developer from the land of cultures and traditions, Kerala. He is in his early twenties, has extremely high energy levels and being idle kills him. He is really passionate about iOS Development and technology, that's why he chose to become a Swift lover and an iOS Developer. When he is not working on any projects, he engages himself by reading books and travelling. He has a life-long obsession with learning and exploring. He is currently working in @nfnlabs where he built his first iOS App Screeny which topped the charts in 2014. Nowadays he spends lot of his time organizing and speaking at Swift Meetups. He blogs his thoughts and fantasies on Swift here. He also enjoys cooking and is currently mastering South Indian dishes. Alvin is very active in Twitter, you can follow him at @aaalveee.

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Anyone who wants to learn the Swift Programming .
No, but registration is mandatory though
Macbook with Xcode installed in it.