Code Haus

New Venturesity Office, Bangalore

Start 03 Jun 2017 - 11:00 am
End 03 Jun 2017 - 07:00 pm



About Code Haus

‘You’re only as great as your last code’ – Einstein

Well maybe he didn’t say that. But if he did exist in today’s high octane, pressure cooker hackmosphere, you bet that’s the advice he’d give you.

A very intelligent man once said in order to become a professional at anything you’d have to do that thing for 1000 hours. This we’re not making up – and in order to get better at solving programming problems, we bring our latest brainchild – Code Haus.

Taking place at our New Venturesity Office, Code Haus aims to deliver you into a hackathon-esque atmosphere where you battle against the clock, challenging you to absorb the pressure, test your fundamental coding smarts, validate our extensive database of competitive programming questions and come out on top in a roar!

These aren’t your everyday competitive programming questions. They run the gamut from questions aimed at a code golf audience, to some really tough and interesting algorithmic challenges. They aim to exhaustively test your fundamental coding smarts. And they vary in difficulty. So there is something for everyone to cut their teeth into!

So is this basically another hackathon? Not quite - here's what's in store for you:

  • You will be given a set of three questions to solve and validate
  • You will have access to our compiler to try out your solution
  • Tag each question with approximate difficulty level, concepts tested and the algorithms you have used. Also point out any ambiguities in the questions if you have found any
  • Generate a large number of test cases for each question

Once you have submitted your solutions, tagged each question, and generated test cases, we will have your solutions and test cases validated by us and other attendees.

Some cool prizes and giveaways could be yours. So what you waiting for? We’ve got the Haus do you have the Code? Show us!

How it works


Click on the apply button and fill in your details.


Keep your schedule free on Sat June 3rd.


Go through our database of questions. validate and find solutions for them.


Generate and submit appropriate test cases for each solved problem.


Win exciting prizes.


Venturesity is a peer learning and challenge platform where companies can discover top talent through challenges. Our challenges are real world projects that would help candidates showcase their job skills to prospective employers and build credibility into their profiles. Our hiring partners range from established companies like Amazon, Dell and Oracle to startups like Olacabs, Housing and Stayzilla.


Under the FAQ section, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our challenges. If you have any questions apart from the ones listed on the right, contact us at

Anyone who is willing to work on interesting coding challenges is welcome to participate.
Food and drinks are on us.
Of course! And a charger as well.
Yes. You can participate as a team or individually.
New Venturesity Office,
2nd Floor, 514/A, Chinmaya Mission Hospital Rd., 1st Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038