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5th Floor,Akruti Trade Centre, Andheri East, Mumbai

Start 06 May 2017 - 10:00 am
End 06 May 2017 - 02:00 pm

Verify Selfie using Image Processing API


About The JAVA frontend hiring Learn Up

Front-End Software Engineer


You have a very strong, demonstrable, knowledge of JavaScript. You have the ability to give total focus to a problem, no matter how basic it sounds at first. You are enthusastic about creating software, have a drive to learn and expand your knowledge, and bring lots of motivation with you. You are a specialist in JavaScript, but also have a wider knowledge about software engineering, i.e. you understand the "stack" above and below your area of expertise.

  • Demonstrable experience of building mobile applications in React-Native
  • Rock-solid knowledge of JavaScript
  • A good understanding of CSS3

  • Hands-on experience with Appium
  • Hands-on experience of Jest
  • Hands-on experience of using Flow
  • Experience of working in a team of software developers

Session Agenda
  • Understanding the Flux design pattern
  • Setup of React-Native for Android or iOS
  • Create a sample React-Native app that includes a Redux store

Problem statement
Create a selfie verification app in React-Native and Redux. The app should allow a user to take a selfie and then verify that the picture is actually of the user's face and not any random image. The app will integrate with an image processing API (3rd party service) that is able to detect faces within an image.

  • A laptop with linux or iOS installed
  • A nodejs installation (v6.9.1 or above)
  • NPM installed (3.10.9 or above)
  • An Android SDK (v25) and SDK build tools (v25) installed

About the Speaker

Shradha Kampani
Development head of Product

She leads the development of the KyePot products & platform as Head of Product. She has a very hands approach at kyepot andalso doubles up as scrum master, project manager, driving requirements & also building models & algorithms.

She has spent the last 15 years in various roles in banking & payment industry in Europe as a software engineer, software architect and then product manager of cash management & liquidity platform for Bank Of America Merrill Lynch. Her last role was head of Liquidity platform at BAML.

Sidd Gandhi
CoFounder & CEO of KyePot

Sidd Gandhi is the CoFounder & CEO of KyePot. He spent last 14 years with Banks & Payment companies like Bank of America & Visa in UK building payments products & platforms as green field platforms. He started KyePot with the vision of serving the underbanked with a better way of saving & borrowing money. Sidd leads the Business development, Partnerships & Strategy at KyePot.

Onkar Saravade
full-stack developer at KyePot

Onkar Saravade is working as full-stack developer at KyePot. He started his life as a native Android developer, before taking on more and more of a full-stack role. He has worked on all the mobile applications developed at KyePot and is currently one of the lead developers of the new generation React-Native application.

Dr. Kiran Lakhotia
co-founder and CTO at KyePot

Dr. Kiran Lakhotia is the co-founder and CTO at KyePot. He has over 13 years of experience spanning the entire software engineering stack, with considerable time spent working on AI techniques for different software engineering problems. He currently heads the engineering team developing the mobile applications and backend platform at KyePot.

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KyePot is a fintech startup based out of Singapore and Mumbai, with its flagship product a Group Savings & Lending app for the Indian & African markets. KyePot's aim is to make savings & borrowing accessible and easy for the under-banked, including the younger demographic who see saving as a chore. To sum it up we at KyePot are "Unlocking the financial potential of the collective."


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